Monday, September 28, 2009

Siding, decks and other projects!

Eric enclosed the stairwell on the North side of the building.

Another view of the new stairwell enclosure.

There is now a door installed there.

The deck and roof off of the kitchen door.

The deck off of the main room. Now that the siding is done on the back of the building, the railing can be installed. Our next project will be to build the stairs off the deck down to the concrete pad.

The new deck off of the South side entrance that wraps around the bak of the building.

A view of the back of the building with the siding now complete. The red brick will be repainted a more neutral color in the future.

Another view of the back.

Friday, September 25, 2009

The siding is nearing completion!!

Frank and Eric working on the siding in the back of the building. This picture is of the small deck Eric built off the kitchen.

A full view of the back.

Eric standing on the temporary scaffold in the back.

A long view of the back of the building.

A corner of the building.

Time for Siding!!

Our salesman and product rep came from the siding company to demonstrate the installation of the siding to some of the contractors that the lumberyard works with.

Installing a few pieces.

Eric cutting some pieces to install.

Several of the contractors before the demo began

A view of the roof/soffit on the East entrance of the building.

Working on the deck.

Eric and his "helper" Maria working on the deck in the back.

Another view of the deck in the progress.

Putting the Soffit on!

Along the front of the retreat building.

Our good friend Justin cutting the pieces for Eric to install.

Along the back of the building.

Eric installing soffit pieces.

Friday, May 22, 2009

The Floor Is Done!!

The finished floor!

The new entry door into the main room

Another view of the room.

The hardwood floor completion

Eric and Frank finishing up the final few feet of the floor.

Eric nailing a piece of flooring in place.

Ava writing in the dust with a paint brush on the new floor.

The floor is almost complete.

Eric and Frank working on the floor. Frank has learned many new skill in the renovation of the building.